Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Trump girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle gives the Republican convention a "Porn Star Experience," SCREAMING HER HEAD OFF!!!!

In a dark corner of the Internet netherworld, the sex-for-sale listings, offers of sexual favors for pay are peppered with code words. Some of them are puzzling — unless you're a member of the cognoscenti.

I once asked someone conversant in these matters what some of the codes meant. "For example, what's GFE?" I asked.

"That's girlfriend experience," my informant replied. "It means she'll kiss, and she'll probably give you oral sex."

"And what's PSE?" I continued

"That's Porn Star Experience."

"What's a Porn Star Experience?"

"That's exactly the same as a Girl Friend Experience, only with a lot more noise and screaming."

That said, I give you Kimberly Guilfoyle, screaming into a microphone in a nearly empty room. Pay particular attention to her orgasmic closing sentence.


Oneofthebobs said...

It seems impossible, but I think her mouth is actually bigger than her head. I thought her jaw was going to become unhinged and she was going to swallow a live rabbit.

Green Eagle said...

This is going to make one of the great cold opens for Saturday Night Live.