Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Lindsey Graham whines. Plus: “No one touches Mr. Trump’s penis without a glove.” Plus: Trump’s paranoid ambassador to Iceland just can’t hold on to the help.

Okay, all you folks can natter on about the Democratic Convention. Or about whether Donald Trump will either hotwire the Presidential election and drive off with it, or launch a coup d’état if he loses fair and square. Not me. 

I want to repeat some comments I made a while ago about Lindsey Graham’s crybaby act. And the rule concerning Donald Trump’s penis. And Trump’s most paranoid ambassadorial appointee.

If you have a sense of déja vu, it may be because I've covered all this before. But after you've had a butter pecan ice cream cone, there's nothing like another butter pecan ice cream cone. 

All set? 

Cry, baby, cry,
Put your finger in your eye
Then run and tell your mommy
That it surely wasn’t I

I’m looking at you, Lindsey Graham. And why are you giving me that pouty frown? Did you honestly think I wasn’t going to set up a listening post on the Internet to find out what Republicans are saying to each other when they don’t think Democrats are listening?

I voted in a poll you put out there. I gave you one of my pseudonymous e-mail addresses. And ever since then, you have been bombarding me with fund raising appeals.

What does that Senatorial crybaby, who feigned maximum testosterone-fed outrage when the House was impeaching Trump, have to whine about? Well, for starters “13.9 MILLION DOLLARS!!!” That’s how Lindsey wrote it — all caps, with three — count ‘em, three! — exclamation points. And then he went on:
...That's how much my Democrat opponent raised in the second quarter of 2020, bringing the grand total raised to nearly $29 million to fund his massive negative ad campaign against me. The Radical Left will say, do, or spend whatever it takes to defeat me. Now more than ever, I need to know if you're still standing by my side. Please consider making a campaign contribution to Team Graham below! 
Well, what did you expect, m’am? I mean Senator Graham. That’s what political opponents do. They raise money to defeat the people they oppose. And when you are one of the key Senators who blocked the removal of Herr Donald after the House impeached him, people who see him speeding this country head-on toward a dictatorship are going to contribute to your opponents to stop it. 

So I won’t be contributing $5, $25, $50, $75 on and on up to $2,800, $5,600, or “other” to “benefit Team Graham.” Nor will I “make this a monthly recurring donation.” Nor will I contribute to an “August End of Month Money Bomb.” Whatever I give, I give to the Dems. To defeat whiney Trump enablers like you.

Put that in your self-righteous pipe and blubber into it.

You don’t need analyzing
It is not so surprising
A rubdown with a rubber glove…

Hey it’s one thing to rape a thirteen-year-old girl, even under the benevolent auspices of Jeffrey Epstein. It’s quite another to insist you have to sexually abuse her with a germ-free barrier between her disgusting pre-adolescent hand and the rapist’s beloved and beautiful sex organ. 

According to the testimony by a woman named Katie Johnson, that was what she faced with Donald Trump some years ago. He may, according to her testimony, be a rapist. But that doesn’t mean he’ll let horrible disgusting pre-adolescent germs touch his most precious bodily part.

But she is now no longer thirteen years old and at long last she’s talking. Her story, in her own words, was released on You Tube last month. I should warn you, it’s as long as it is scandalous, with several revealing glimpses into what she says are Trump’s sex fantasies, their relationship to his need for power, and the psychodramas he staged around those needs. My advice to you: Before you click on it, run to the kitchen and make a big bowl of popcorn. You’re gonna need it.

The bulletproof ambassador

Iceland is a pretty peaceful country. Actually, the most peaceful nation in the world according to the Global Peace Index, followed by New Zealand, Austria, Portugal and Denmark. But that hasn’t stopped Jeffrey Ross Gunter, Trump’s political appointment to Ambassador in Iceland, from declaring that he needs to carry a gun for his own protection there.

He has also requested a “stab proof vest” (you can’t make this stuff up), and door-to-door armored car service to take him on his errands around Iceland. Oh, and did I mention that he also asked to work from home? Home is in California, where the ambassador’s previous occupations were dermatology and contributing generously to he Trump Campaign..

Trump can sure pick ‘em. But I have a theory about Gunter’s alleged paranoia. He’s terrified his own embassy staff is going to kill him. 

According to the Iceland Review, Paranoid Jeff ‘s “Deeply Offensive Behavior also included this:
Ambassador Gunter has had seven Deputy Chiefs of Mission since his arrival in May 2019—one of whom prepared for over a year for the position and spent a considerable amount of time studying Icelandic only to be blocked because the Ambassador “didn’t like the look of him.” Ambassador Gunter also refused to return to Iceland after attending a conference in the US in February, took a personal leave of absence right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and reportedly wanted to conduct his job remotely from California. 
More about Paranoid Jeff in this CBS report.

And you wonder why Europe’s image of the United States has been downgraded from the number one world leader to that of a bunch of shmucks led by the world’s biggest shmuck in the White House?

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