Friday, July 06, 2012

Oh shut up with that nitpicking blather that a healthcare mandate is a tax. Just shut up, will yuh, Willard?

Of all the dissembling horse crap I’ve ever witnessed falling out of a Republican’s mouth, the biggest lump of it came when I watched Willard (aka “Mitt”) Romney talking about the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare (which as you may recall, is almost exactly the same thing as Romneycare. Or at least it’s the same as what Romneycare used to be before Willard etch-a-sketched his own brain.) 

What the Supreme Court ruled is that the penalty that a few people who refuse to buy health insurance will be charged is a tax. And they damn well deserve to be taxed, since by not jumping into the health insurance pool, they’re driving up costs for the rest of us.

But Willard “Mitt” Romney is insisting that the whole bill is a tax, the largest tax in history. He says the Supreme Court says so. He knows that’s not true. Not to mince words, he’s a liar. That’s spelled l-i-a-r.

Willard is lying to confuse enough gullible voters to maybe swing some electoral votes his way in swing states. But there’s no tax increase coming. What is coming is a reduction in the rate at which healthcare costs are growing.

Here Willard. Here’s a firefly in a jar. Or maybe it’s a God particle taken from a horse's bowel. Go swallow it and shut up.


Patricia said...

If only he would. Ugh.

e.a.f. said...

There is Mitty with all his money & great health care because he is rich & can afford it. So why doesn't he want others to be able to get their kids health care when they get sick?

A tax??? someone should get Mitty to go back to school & review the differance between a fine & a tax.

I just don't understand why people who work for a living, like get up 5 or 6 days a week & work for less than $50K a yr would even consider voting for an idiot like Mitty. What do they have in common? Do they think Mitty will come personally & bless them for voting for him?

Health care is important because when everyone has it, it costs less for everybody. If everybody gets decent health care kids do better in school, there is less time lost on the job, less calls for the police--they do remain the first responders for mental health issues, there might even be less crime.

In Canada we have government health care in each province, but it must meet a national standard so if we get breast cancer we all get receive treatment, within a matter of weeks, free of charge. These women live to be little old ladies or old battle axes, as the case maybe. Got prostate cancer, same deal. Kid's got brain cancer, no brainer, off to Children's hospital, surgery, chemo--all free because everybody belongs to their provinces health care plan.

Need you knees replaced, o.k. that could take 6 months or so to get done, but it gets done & you have nice titanium knees & you're not out of pocket.

Our health plans even cover heart transplants.