Friday, August 10, 2007

Hey, yo! Bye bye until Sepember 12th or so.

That’s it until mid September kiddos. I’m gone. Outta here. On vacation. Resting. Chilling. Laying back. Cooling it. You get the idea.

I’ll be somewhere near a beach a good part of the time. And in the heart of Paris the rest of the time. And I’ll be thinking about anything but this blog.

I mean, I’ve had it for a while with subways that don’t work because it’s raining. With a President of the U.S. who can’t hear any voice that doesn’t say what he doesn’t like to hear. With a mayor whose ego is so bloated he’s seriously considering screwing up the next Presidential election for his own self-gratification. (Somebody, please, teach that man to masturbate like ordinary people.) With waiters who can’t wait, billionaires who can never feel rich enough, and my own slum-grade office space, straight out of Charles Dickens’ worst nightmare.

Sorry, no comments will be posted until my return

As most of my dozen or so loyal readers (and a few Crank haters) know, I screen reader comments at this blog, although only for obscenity potential libel, and threats of physical violence. Since I won’t be here, you won’t be able to post comments until my return, assuming you have any comments.

I’ll be back in September, mad as hell at something or other. Guaranteed.

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