Friday, October 26, 2012

Note to Mitt Romney: Do you realize that by endorsing Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, you're also endorsing rape?

So Mitt, look at it this way. Senate candidate Mourdock of Indiana believes rape is "something God intended," and he's standing by that statement, while you're not backing off your endorsement of him.

I'm not kidding. Let's figure this out together. If rape is something God intended, then committing rape is doing God's work.

And doing God's work can't possibly be a felony. Nor can any moral person oppose it. After all, it's what God has ordered.

Therefore, if you endorse Mourdock, and if you believe in God as you say you do, you're in favor of rape and rapists, and the next thing we know you'll be wanting to decriminalize rape and let all the rapists out of prison.

Nice going, Mitt. Hundreds, maybe thousands of guys behind bars are right now cheering.

And if Mourdock gets elected, let's remember to always refer to the state of Indiana as "Indiana, the Rape State."

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