Thursday, October 05, 2006

So I'm so-o-o like, ready to puke!

I mean like, can't nobody speak no English no more?

The following is from Lloyd Grove's gossip column in the New York Daily News.
It quotes an irate college freshman who complained that his exit from a book store was blocked during the making of a film:

"They literally told me I couldn't leave the record store. I was like, 'I'm late for class, I'm leaving,' and the guy stood in front of me and he was like, 'If someone is on the street, it will ruin the shot...'"

So let me tell you what I'm like. I'm like, "How did a person who speaks or writes this way get admitted to New York University?" Once upon a time it was supposed to be a "safety school" that New York high school kids applied to "just in case." Then it got rich and supposedly it upgraded its teaching and students. But it looks to me, uh, like they can't even attract literate students.

So, like, isn't that what you're like, like?

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