Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Well, if Donald Trump is furious with fake news, what does he read?

This cranky blog recommends the Weekly World News to the
President Elect. It has cool photographs that document everything,
and I frankly believe every word in it. Like the article above.
I suspect President Elect Trump may already be reading the Weekly World News. I mean, it's his kind of newspaper. Consider:

•No word contains more than three syllables.

•Every photograph documents something. Or other.

•There are no long, boring details that were probably planted by the U.S. intelligence community. Instead. Weekly World News keeps its stories short, so you don't have to read too long.

•None of the news in Weekly World News is "fake news." It's all as real as the hair on Donald's head.

Esquire magazine recently broke a story saying that the Trump administration may do away with the  White House press room. Well, can you blame him? All the press does is break bad news, like stuff that he tweets or he says. So it must be fake news.

On the other hand, I suspect that although he may get the press out from under his roof,  President Trump may give Weekly World News a desk right next to his in the Oval Office. That way they can cover all the true stuff that they will be able to see and Photoshop sit comes straight out of the new President's brain.

Aliens and newspaper reporters, you'd better watch out!

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