Monday, April 13, 2015

Should lying prosecutors and cops who get innocent people executed themselves be subject to capital punishment?

What if he's innocent?  Currently, often nothing
happens to prosecutors who withhold or falsify
evidence that leadsto an unjust execution. Read
about a way to stop that.
Below, a modest proposal that I submit belongs on the books of every state as well as the Federal law books:
Any prosecutor or officer of the law who withholds, fabricates, conceals, or suborns through perjured testimony, or in any other way taints or conceals evidence that leads to the conviction of a defendant for a crime that the defendant is  later shown shown not to have committed, shall suffer precisely the same punishment that the defendant suffered. If the innocent defendant endured prison time, the law officer or prosecutor shall spend an equal amount of time in prison. If the defendant was executed, the law officer or prosecutor shall be executed in the same manner. Any attempt after trial by any such prosecutor or law officer to conceal or withhold exculpatory evidence shall likewise cause the prosecutor or law officer to suffer the fate of the defendant. 
Why do we need this? 

• Because over four percent of criminal defendants who are later shown to be innocent have been sentenced  to the death chamber, spending years or even decades in the nightmarish limbo of death row before they are vindicated.

• Because, although cases of people already executed are rarely investigated, there are cases on record where innocent men have been executed. Like this one.

• Because just as certainly, innocent people convicted of non-capital crimes spend years in prison and have their lives and the lives of their families ruined by over-ambitious prosecutors and law enforcement officers who have replaced their consciences with lies, coverups, tainted witnesses, and withheld evidence in an attempt to with at all costs – even at the cost of justice.

• Because someone enduring the horror of death row is exonerated an average of every three months, and we’ll never know how many more innocent people have endured long prison sentences or have been horribly executed.

• Because nothing would stop the crime of withholding or fabricating evidence by ambitious psychopath prosecutors and cops more quickly than the forced empathy of seeing their own lives in the balance.

Hang, gas, inject, shoot, or electrocute those lying prosecutors and cops. Try them, convict them, and and execute them, one and all.

Fringe benefit: A law like this might put an end to capital punishment a lot faster than simply taking laws allowing capital punishment off the books.


Mozart said...

Hey cranky new yorker,

How come the northern polar cap is still here when Al Gore said it would disappear in 2013? Sounds like bullshit, not science to me. Al's carbon foot print is 10,000 times that of an average person. What a lying sack of shit Al Gore is.

What say you?

The New York Crank said...

I'd say that like most right wing idiots, you're off in Never-Neverland. This blog post is about busting and executing lying prosecutors who send innocent people to the death chamber. What's that got to do with Al Gore and polar ice caps, Nincompoop?

Yours very crankily,
The New YOrk Crank

Anonymous said...

It would just make the railroaders, deliberate or not, go to greater lengths to ensure they are never found out.

The New York Crank said...

I'm sure the railroading prosecutors would try to cover up their crimes, but that would add yet another prosecutable felony. Also, the history of American coverups that didn't over-up is a long one and growing longer. For Exhibit A, I give you Richard Nixon and Watergate.

One or two good coverup scandals, followed by life sentences (or more extreme) would help to give some prosecutors think twice about railroading anybody.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank