Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Right wing fanatic stirrer-uppers discover there’s money in Ebola – their gullible followers’ money.

Genuine right-wing baloney
Some of those folks who stir up the gullible on emotional issues from abortion to immigration to guns have made a big, profitable discovery.


More about this in a moment. But first a short explanation of how I glommed on to this information.

Some years ago, I clicked on an e-ad offering to give me a free gun if I'd sign up for an arms course. I didn’t want no stinkin’ gun. And I didn’t want an arms course, having taken all the arms courses I’ll ever need in U.S. Army Basic and Advanced Infantry training. 

But I was curious. So I requested more information. I read all about the free gun offer, yawned, and trashed it out of my mailbox. But then, junk e-mails by the buh-zillions began to flow in.

Now I get regular mail from Rand Paul. I get regular mail from something called “the Right to Bear in Defense of Your God Given Rights.” (In case you didn’t know it, God wrote the U.S. Constitution when he was finished with the Bible. And I suppose I’m going to learn next that God designed the Confederate flag. But I digress.)

I get breathless updates on an alleged secret plot by Barack Obama to enslave us, Muslimize us, turn us into Africans, destroy our school system and give us dreaded diseases. All in the name of either Mulim domination, or Socialist domination, or domination by the secretive rich. Take your choice.

The latest, which popped up in my mailbox just a few days ago began,

“Read this or you and your family might die.”

Yup, that’s what it said. It also told me that the message was “from our advertising sponsor, UJGAR, LLC,” whatever the hell UIGAR is. And then it got down to the terrifying brass tacks. It said:
Forgive the "in-your-face" email ... but this is serious.Ebola is here and the TRUE facts are so scary ... it's unbelievable.(Hint: the Government and the Center For Disease Control (CDC) are NOT telling you everything because they don't want people to panic)In short, if you are not preparing for an Ebola pandemic I believe you are making a HUGE mistake ...Click the link below to see what you can do to get ready now. Read this or you and your family might die 
Dave Walon Editor

So I clicked and learned, just for openers…
WARNING:Ebola Has Invaded The USA!It started with just one reported case in Dallas, Texas. Now ...Ebola infections are DOUBLING every 21-days (the amount of time it might take for a person to show the infection symptoms) ...The Center for Disease Control (CDC) predicts a worst-case scenario of 1.5 MILLION cases by January 2015 ...
Sheesh! And to think that we've only had a handful of reported cases of Ebola in the U.S, and we’re getting news reports (no doubt all of them lies inserted into the news by Secretive Socialist Rich Muslim terrorists) that this whole thing has been pretty much nipped in the bud. Even though that frantic website is warning me…
Once the panic and infections spread ...We might see full-blown Martial Law in the United States!
M-m-m-martial law?! Who’s telling me all this horrifying news? He writes:
My name is Caleb Lee. And I’m the editor and founder of THE 3-PERCENTER REPORT, an exclusive society of self-reliance and self-defense practitioners. I’m also an NRA certified firearms instructor and I’ve been black belt for well over a decade now ...
Phew! That’s a relief. If Caleb ever runs into an Ebola virus, thanks to his epidemiological expertise he can shoot it with an AR-15, or use his black belt self-defense skills to at least karate chop the daylights out of it.

But what it all boiled down to is, Caleb wants you to send him seven bucks. For seven bucks  he’ll send you his book. Well, not a paper book, despite that picture showing it spiral bound with a bright yellow cover. It’s actually a digital download, but hey, what’s a misleading graphic among Tea Party patriots, survivalists, gun nuts, and Obama-haters?
If (and when) the infections spread ... and panic sets in ... we will most likely see entire cities or regions of the United States under military quarantine.This is serious.
And on and on. Oh, bother!

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