Monday, October 27, 2014

After “messing with the wrong redhead” Governor Fatso gets verbally bitch-slapped. He then backs down, like the opportunist and coward he is.

Governor Christie and Massachusetts
gubernatorial candidate Charlie 
Baker are involved in a scandal. Is 
the NewJersey Ebola panic an attempt
 to deflect attention? Read this story 
all the way through.
I truly wonder if the headline at the top of this post is strong enough. If you keep reading you’ll see that the real story may not be about Ebola, but about a political “pay to play” scandal. Here’s the story.

A nurse from Maine, Kaci Hickox, got off a plane in New Jersey on her way home after an heroic stint helping an overwhelmed population in West Africa fight the ravages of Ebola.

Fatso Governor Chris Christie “arrested” her. No, let me take that verb out of quotes. He arrested her. Period.

The governor lies about
an heroic nurse’s health

She was “obviously ill,” the big fat bully said of the nurse. 

So he confined her for 21 days to a tent, with no flush toilet (living in a tent with a chemical toilet is like living with a port-a-pottie in the bedroom), no shower, not even a television set.

That’s tantamount to imprisonment in a particularly disgusting prison. People in need of medical quarantine should be quarantined in a hospital room, or their own homes, not a filthy tent.

Except, Nurse Hickox is not at all ill. She has test negative twice for Ebola. She is showing no symptoms.

“Obviously ill?” That’s Chris Christie telling a flat out lie to cover his own fat butt. 

The bully, still lying.
backs off from the nurse

The brave nurse spoke out. She got a lawyer. She protested. And now the lying governor is backing off, sort of. The New York Times reports Christie as saying:
“It’s always been about her condition. And if her condition permits release, then we will work with the state officials in Maine to make sure she could go home,” he said. “Our preference always is to quarantine people in their homes.”
No, Governor Christie, it has never been about her condition because she is not sick, did not arrive her sick, and the test results show that she does not have Ebola. And the reason you want to “make sure she could go home,” is that this thing has blown up in your face like projectile vomit from a real Ebola patient.

“…he’s messed with the wrong redhead,” the Times reported that Nurse Hickox’s boyfriend said. And here’s more from the Times:
“She’s not a loudmouth activist,” said Dr. Nora Rowley, a classmate at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.But she understands the contagiousness of the virus, and now she has to come back and be subjected to a policy that’s not based on anything other than fear.” 
Her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur, a nursing student in Fort Kent, Maine, said she had not planned on speaking to the news media but changed her mind after Mr. Christie said on Saturday that she was “obviously ill” when she knew she was not.
Let me offer an alternative theory to explain Christie’s police state behavior. He’s not panicked. He’s trying to spread panic, the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater. And I submit that his motivation for this unpardonable behavior is to deflect attention from yet another Christie scandal, every bit as big as the George Washington Bridge mess of a few months back.

The simmering 
pay to play scandal

There seems to be a pay-to-play scandal regarding Christie’s people awarding contract to manage New Jersey’s pension money to Charlie Baker, a candidate for governor in Massachusetts against Democrat Martha Coakley. There are documents that increasingly sound like they’d reveal violation of New Jersey’s state laws by its own governor, but Fatso isn’t releasing them.

The Crooks and Liars website sums it up:

The documents being withheld pertain to an investigation of Baker's $10,000 contribution to the New Jersey Republican State Committee. The contributions came just months before Christie officials gave Baker's company, General Catalyst, a contract to manage New Jersey pension money. New Jersey's pay-to-play rules prohibit contributions to state parties from "any investment management professional associated" with a firm managing state pension money. 
When the campaign donations and subsequent pension contract came to light in May, Democrats criticized  Baker, who was then launching his 2014 campaign for governor of Massachusetts. In response, New Jersey launched a formal investigation into Baker's contributions. The Newark Star-Ledger reported at the time that Christie officials "said the review would take several weeks.” 
Five months later, with Baker now neck-and-neck in the polls with Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley and backed by more than $5 million from the Christie-led RGA, Christie officials have denied an open records request for the findings of the investigation. 
In a reply to International Business Times' request for the findings of the audit under New Jersey's Open Public Records Act, Christie's Treasury Department said the request is being denied on the grounds that the documents in question are "consultative and deliberative material."  
Despite officials' assurances in May that the probe would take only weeks, the New Jersey Treasury said in September that the investigation is still "ongoing" -- a designation the department says lets it to stop the records from being released.
So how do you deflect attention from an offense that could have you thrown out of office, screw up any possibility you still have left of a presidential run, and mess up a probably-not-completely-honest Republican gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts to boot?

Why, of course you change the subject by creating an Ebola panic.

That’s yelling “fire’ in a crowded theater for sure. 

It’s time for Christie to go. Preferably to the fat farm. Despite lapband surgery, he’s still obviously overweight. And he’s got a big fat lying mouth.

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