Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Uh oh! And I do mean UH OH!

Call me a Luddite but something tells me, Toto, that all the rest of us will be out of work in a year or two, too:
Introducing a “Wikipedia for robots”, which “allows the knowledge created for one robot to be shared with another robot, anywhere else in the world, via a web-accessible database. When one robot in Germany learns what a toaster is and how it works, it can upload that information into the network. A robot in Japan which has never used a toaster before can log in and learn how to recognise one” 
We are so screwed!

(Thanks, if a bit grudgingly considering the news, to Underbelly for the link that led me to this latest sleep-rattling development.)

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Buce said...

This week's Economist has a hair-on-fire briefer on the same general theme.