Saturday, March 07, 2020

Elizabeth Warren still can be President. Hear me out.

Elizabeth Warren — or some other woman — can still be President of the United States. And she can hold that office before 2024. Here's why.

Of the three most likely Presidential candidates — Sanders and Biden for the Democrats, Trump for the Republicans — all three will be in their late seventies or early eighties before his term ends in 2024.

Trump, currently 73, is obese, lives on ingested cholesterol, and is often in a blood pressure-raising rage. 

Sanders, currently 78, has already had a heart attack. 

Biden, who is 77, utters attempts at sentences that lurch down the garden path, tripping over syntactical rocks and logs as they rush head-on toward the gaffe pool. 

Given the stress of being president, what are the chances that any of these guys will be alive and in possession of all his marbles by 2024?

If there ever was a presidency when the man in the White House was likely to be succeeded by the vice-president before the end of his term, the coming one is it. It’s not guaranteed. But you could probably get stupendous odds on it.*

At this point it looks like Biden is the likely Democratic nominee. Democrats should get on Biden’s case to name Warren as his Vice-Presidential running mate. No ifs, no buts, no maybes. We should insist on it. Demand it. Reason with Joe that Elizabeth can bring along the left wing of the party. Or bully him into it if he won’t listen to reason.

And then we’d better work like hell to get that Biden-Warren ticket elected. Otherwise, the next President of the United States, after Donald Trump, will be Nikki Haley, probably in 2022 or 2023.

And by the way, Mike Pence, you read that right. You can save everybody some time and effort if you lie down in the middle of the road now. Donald Trump’s bus, with Nikki behind the wheel, will be along to run you over any minute.

*I hasten to add that you are not reading the ageist sputtering of some wet-behind-the-ears junior pundit.  I am older than any of these guys. I was in fine shape at 76. Even at 78. Trust me, all of a sudden I became very much aware of my own mortality, and also of  a slew of physical limitations that came into my life without bothering to knock. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


Regina M. said...

Once again, I agree. Have been having similar thoughts about a female as VP. Thanks.

Jerome Doolittle said...

I'm (at 86) with you. But either of us would still make a vastly better president than this specimen. At least we'd have enough brainpower left to hire people who still have theirs, and to listen to them. Trump's most dangerous problems are not mental, but psychological.

Victor said...

I'd prefer Warren, but I see Biden making Kamala Harris his Veep.
Don't get me wrong, I really like her too!
But Warren?
Oy, I can only hope!!!

Green Eagle said...

This is a wonderful thing, but it will never happen. Massachusetts has a Republican governor, who would pick a Republican to replace Warren in the Senate, and we all know the Democrats can't afford to lose a single seat there. At least with Kamala Harris, we know she would be replaced by another Democrat.