Tuesday, March 19, 2019

I have nothing to say again today, but here's a cat

 I haven't died. I haven't gone away. (Well, actually I did go to San Diego for five days, visiting The Crank's cranky brother and the Crank's cranky brother's cranky cat, but now I'm back in New York. But even after a five-day change of scenery I still have nothing important to say. I'm just writing this because I don't want everybody to think I died.)

Tell you what: people go to blogs just to look at cats, so I'll show you my cranky brother's cranky cat. Here's a photograph I took in San Diego with my cell phone. Are you happy now?

However, I'm still feeling brain dead. Keep on returning to this space anyway. I'll snap out of it eventually. And then I might have something to say that you wouldn't want to miss. Or maybe you would want to miss it, but I'll say it anyway — whenever I get around to saying whatever it is I'll eventually say, if you follow me.

The rusty Crank turns slowly and  the handle makes a creaking noise, but it still turns. Or at least it does when I'm up to turning it.

Yours very crankily,
The New York Crank


Bill said...

That's one cranky looking cat.

Victor said...

Imo - more spoiled and entitled looking, than cranky.