Tuesday, December 12, 2017


There's more than one way to make America great again — and today
a lot of people in Alabama showed us a good way

The voters of Alabama stood tall today.

Whatever else we believe, on matters ranging from taxation, to abortion, to government regulation, every American citizen should be able to agree that there's a crying need for decency, honor and respect in government. 

Today, Alabama showed the way, by rejecting an often-accused child molester who also — no small matter — has exhibited little regard for the Constitution of the United States or the rule of law. Instead, the voters took a stand for decency.

Is this beginning of a movement to return sanity to government — one that will pull all of us back, in every state, from the brink of an un-American plunge into totalitarianism? Let us hope so.

To the citizens of Alabama who stepped into the voting booth and did the right thing, all this one cranky person can say is, I most sincerely thank you! 

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Victor said...

Before we wax poetic, and get all weepy about how unwittingly tRUMP really is making America great again by proving to be such an obnoxious fuck-up and loser, we gotta remind ourselves that almost 50% of Alabamians voted FOR the kiddy-diddler and teenie-stalker.

Or, another way to look after it, rather than voting for Moore, they voted AGAINST the guy who put the KKK guys in prison for merely killing those Nigrah girls.

In other words, yeah, it's great that we won, but let's not get carried away.
There are still a hell of a lot of battles ahead of us in what I call "The Cold Civil War."