Monday, May 15, 2017

A very short essay on the latest news about Trump and the Russians

The President has the legal right to declassify any top secret information he chooses to declassify.

That said, if you or I had given to the Russians the kind of information that Donald Trump is accused of having given to the Russians, we could be arrested and tried for treason, which is still a death penalty crime in this country.

Lock him up!

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Victor said...

This now brings us to the latest episode of WDC/USA'S new 24 X 7 X 365 hit series...
(Cue music intro )"Dumb. Dumb. DUMB!....
What if Hillary or Barack had done that?"

Drawing and quartering them in front of the Supreme Court Building, and then putting their heads on pikes in front of the White House would been deemed insufficient punishment!

Hillary pretty much lost the election over some worthless - but unsecured -e-mails, because the conservatives whined and screamed that they COULD HAVE contained state secrets.
t-RUMPLE-thin-sKKKin - the day after firing the FBI Director for probably getting too close to tying t-RUMP to Putin and Russia - had Putin's Russian representatives IN THE FUCKING OVAL OFFICE, where he pretty much openly - STUPIDLY - told them about another countries asset inside a particular city controlloed by ISIS - probabky dooming that individual and his family to long, painful, torturous, grisly deaths!

I guess the difference is the "BUT HER E-MAILS," 'trump' actually really spilling state secrets - which can be looked upon as treason, and the person doing that,a traitor; which is punishable by death!.