Friday, December 02, 2016

Hmm,Trump's people oppose a recount. I wonder why?

Is there monkey business going on in some
Republican smoke-filled room?
From an article in The New York Times:
LANSING, MICH. — Supporters of President-elect Donald J. Trump have filed legal challenges in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan in a suddenly robust effort to stop the presidential election recount efforts there. 
Bill Schuette, the attorney general of Michigan, said that the recount, initiated by Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, put Michigan voters at risk of "paying millions and potentially losing their voice in the electoral college in the process." 
"This court cannot allow a dilatory and frivolous request for a recount by an aggrieved party to silence all Michigan votes for president," Mr Schuette, a Republican, said in a court filing.
Shucks, Mr Shuette, if a majority of Michiganders actually voted for Donald Trump, a recount won't silence them. It will only validate them. So what's the real reason you oppose a recount?

Only asking.

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