Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How you can tell that Donald Trump knows his own presidential campaign is a loser

Will this be the New Trump campaign slogan?
The New York Times reported on May 9th that Donald Trump has turned to the Republican Party for help raising funds.

For anyone who’s paying attention to the lady behind the curtain, that’s a surefire sign that Trump knows his campaign is in trouble.

Trump’s financial MO has always been the same. When he has a loser of a project, he finances it by borrowing money from others and declaring bankruptcy when it crashes.

That’s what happened with the Trump Taj Mahal bankruptcy in 1991, when holders of his junk bonds found out just how junky they were.

It happened again when he bought the Plaza Hotel in New York and didn’t make his debt payments.

It happened yet again when Trump bondholders got shafted over the bankruptcy of Trump’s holding company, Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts.

Trump Hotels and Resorts got reorganized as Trump Entertainment Resorts and guess what? Right, they went belly up, too. So what's this got to do with the trump Presidential campaign?

Trump originally told us we could trust him because he was financing his own campaign and not relying on the kindness of people who want a favor in exchange. But now Trump wants a favor — campaign funds.

His argument is that he needs $1.5 billion. But we have it from The Donald’s own quacking beak that he’s worth $10 billion, so $1.5 billion in election funds is only a drop in his bloated bucket.

So why is he now asking a $1.5 billion favor from Republicans?

Probably for the same reason he issued junk bonds for his casinos. 

He knows his election campaign is a losing proposition.


Yastreblyansky said...

Good God, Crank, you realize what this means. It's just like the casino, or Trump Place on the West Side, or the steaks or the fashion line. He's going to cash out his interest in the nomination to Romney or whatever venture capitalist and withdraw from campaigning, but the Republicans are going to keep the brand: he'll be off in Scotland letting them alone, but they'll be required under the terms of the deal to rename themselves: The Trump Party!

jsrtheta said...

My God, you're not suggesting he's running a scam, are you?

Why, that changes everything!

Buce said...

Ah, but read the fine print. He says he will raise money down the ballot. Were he to keep that promise--and granted, he doesn't keep many--he could buy himself a lot of new friends.

I think the best we can hope for is that he really doesn't want to be president. More fun and more money in the reality show.