Tuesday, March 08, 2016

“We haf ways to make you relent, heh heh heh!” No longer content to “think small” as it did in the 1960s, Volkswagen now thinks evil.

Forget that honest little car with an honest
message, Volkswagen is now making big
threats against workers' jobs if the U.S. levels
a punitive fine for cheating on pollution. Cute.
Volkswagen, the lying, conniving car company that put a cheater in its cars to help foil U.S. anti-pollution regulations, and that still hasn’t come up with a fix for the problem, isn’t merely content to have screwed thousands of its American customers.

Now it’s also threatening to screw not only workers in its American facilities, but also to enrage its German workers against the United States by threatening their jobs, too.

Reuters reports:
Volkswagen may have to cut jobs in the United States as well as Europe and other countries depending on how big a fine has to be paid for its manipulation of diesel emissions tests, the carmaker's top labor official told a meeting of 20,000 workers at its German headquarters on Tuesday. [snip] 
The extent to which VW may be forced to cut jobs to help meet the costs of 'Dieselgate' depends "decisively" on the level of fines, VW's works councils chairman Bernd Osterloh said on Tuesday at the meeting of workers in Wolfsburg which was also attended by the carmaker's top managers. [snip] 
"Should the future viability of Volkswagen be endangered by an unprecedented financial penalty, this will have dramatic social consequences," said Osterloh, who also sits on VW's 20-member supervisory board.
This is not very different from the old SS policy in Belgium, France, and elsewhere of putting ten innocent hostages up against the wall and shooting them every time one German soldier was killed by a sniper.


Comrade Misfit said...

That is, after all, the German way of doing things. Or the Harvard B-School way.

There's not much of a difference.

jsrtheta said...

Not to be a jerk, but you misspelled "Volkswagen" a few times there.

The New York Crank said...

Could catch on the spelling, Jeff. It's fixed now.

The New York Crank

Ten Bears said...

I am convinced hand-held devices are convinced they artificially intelligent and know more about what you are saying than you do. You really have to be perhaps more attentive to editing than with a conventional computer.

When things are run by Havard B-school MBAs you have to consider it may be a feature and not a bug. Whack the employee pool and save money on labor; produce less and raise prices on already over-priced products. Down side? What down side?

Anonymous said...

Abolish the EPA.