Thursday, June 06, 2013

I've got nothing to say today, got that? Nothing. I ain't talking. Take it or lump it.

I don't know what it is.

Maybe I've overdosed on politics.

Maybe I've overdosed on obstreperous Republicans.

Maybe I've overdosed on Tea Party know-nothings.

Not to mention that I'm sick and tired of President Obama leading not even from the back seat, but more from the car's trunk.

Meanwhile, a bunch of poor IRS schlemiels are being bleated about by the Tea Party people, and  hounded by Congress, for doing their jobs and trying to enforce the law. You'd think Congress didn't even know it had passed the law. Or that President Obama, who condemned their law enforcement efforts, wants people to cheat and will throw any federal employee who doesn't aid and abet the cheaters straight under the bus.

Listen, the IRS went after Tea Party and like-minded organizations because those are the ones that are clearly breaking the tax laws if they got tax exemptions for political agitating. And they did file for tax exemptions. And they do politically agitate. A second grader could do the math.

Besides, you catch the bad guys by going after the bad guys. That's how it works – just like cops post themselves and cameras at stop lights because that's where stop lights get run. Or like the bank robber Willie Sutton, who robbed banks because "That's where the money is."

When you enforce the tax law, you go after fat cat lawbreakers spending money that belongs to the taxpayers on advertising for themselves. You don't go after little old ladies living on cat food.

I even feel sorry for the IRS agents who are being humiliated for a dance video. Hey, private industry throws employee shindigs all the time to help build morale. It's called good management. What's the problem? Are you afraid that if government employees have some fun and build some mutual trust and cameraderie, they're more likely to be enthusiastic about their jobs?

As for the news media, which largely goes along with the so-called "scandals" because that's simpler than explaining the complexities of enforcing the law or running a government agency, I hope the editors and reporters who are taking the cheap and sleazy way out get to spend eternity, naked and rotting, body-to-body in the same 5 X6 cell in hell with Mitch McConnell and Daryl Issa.

But I'm not talking here, because I've got nothing to say. I'm not preaching. I'm not praising, I'm not damning. I'm not condemning, I'm not muttering. I'm not doing diddley. I'm just saying, if I may repeat myself, that I've got nothing to say.

So why am I posting today?

I'm posting merely to let you know I'm not dead.

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Cirze said...

We never thought you were dead.

Just recovering.

Love ya,