Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween from The Land of the Brain Dead. Here's another demonstration of that, jellohead!

Nevermind that back during the last election, when asked what newspaper she reads, Sarah Palin couldn't name one.

Nevermind that the Republicans this year have seriously put a candidate on the ballot who never knew that the Constitution of the United States guarantees us freedom of religion and whose campaign slogan seems to be, "I am not a witch!"

Nevermind that while we have some of the lousiest healthcare in the Western world, with thousands of people uncovered, we think that a plan to assure that every American gets healthcare is some kind of "socialist plot."

Nevermind that we are willing to leave our infrastructure way, way underfunded in order to help the superrich save super sums on taxes that will soak the rest of it – and while we're at it, cut our own Social Security and Medicare benefits to help the rich out.

If you want a really, really good demonstration of how brain dead we are, check out the new slogan under the lids of individual jello® desserts. Yeah, the one that says, oh so informatively, "Where he he meet ho ho."

Once upon a time, jello advertising spoke intelligently to intelligent consumers. Their slogan, "There's always room for jello," let consumers know that this was a light dessert that wouldn't leave them feeling stuffed at the end of a heavy meal. No, this wasn't pointy-headed elitist snobbery, just something good to know. It sold jello like crazy.

Now the pitch to consumers seems to be, "We are part of your aimless and meaningless existence," and we have this "he he ho ho" idiocy.

"Jell-O is the latest brand to jump on the 'happy marketing' bandwagon where relentless optimism seems to be working with consumers in categories from food, to sodas, to office supplies," reports the advertising tradepaper Adweek.

Right-o then. Don't think. Don't worry, be a happy idiot. While America's economy and future go down the toilet and thugs for Rand Paul stomp on people who don't agree with their view of how things out to be, just tell yourself "he he ho ho." There, now you don't have to worry while America gets stolen from under you.

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AlexTangoFuego said...

I, for one, refuse to go down without a fight...