Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thanks Ellis Weiner. I couldn’t have said it better.

Today’s cranky commentary is lifted verbatim from Ellis Weiner’s column on the Huffington Post:

When billionaires get tax breaks, they receive "incentives." When working class families get food stamps, they're the perpetrators (and the victims, really) of "the welfare state." When government serves corporations, it's "a partnership." When government serves individuals, it's "socialism." When William Kristol rides his father's contacts and reputation to a sinecure insulated from any commercial or marketplace consequences -- and suffers not an ounce of setback for having been wrong about everything -- he's showing "self-reliance." When you ask that the FTC at least protect your children from poison in Chinese toys, you're encouraging "the nanny state." Clear?
While Weiner happens to be focusing on William Kristol, he could be talking about any of the neo-con men, or about almost the entire Republican party, which uses “conservatism” as its acid test. For the rest of this remarkable piece, go here.

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