Thursday, January 18, 2007

Aw c’mon! You mean this is all going on in one teensy-weensy country town?

For a burg with under 4,000 souls, Yellow Springs, Ohio has more wonderful varieties of counterculture eccentricity – per square yard or per live body – than any other town in the planet, including New York.

For example, in just one week, according to the local weekly newspaper, The Yellow Springs News, you’ll find a Peace Vigil, a Water Movement class, a women’s putluck dinner, contra dancing, a Snake Oil Medicine Show, Overeaters Anonymous meetings, Zen Meditation, a “Socially Awakened Buddhism” lecture, a town Tree Committee meeting, a community chorus, a book discussion group, a…oh why go on?

There’s also the motel owner who rants and kvetches passionately about her business problems on her website:

“Here's the scoop on getting rid of the instant coffee and having real coffee. Here's their latest line... If I offer free coffee, I don't have to have a license (I do offer free coffee). BUT, because I charge for rooms they see it as though I am charging for the coffee. Therefore I need a food service license. - 'oh, bother') (Winnie the Poo)”

And of course, the local classifieds speak reams in short paragraphs:

"ROOM TO RENT: opportunity to live cooperatively—lighten the load on Mother Earth. Available February 1. Must be willing and able to communicate; have weekly house meetings; share upkeep of common space; accept and offer affirmations; practice acceptance of human differences regarding_food, spirituality, age, race, gender, etc. Rent is $275, including utilities. Contact Laurie Dreamspinner..."

D"ANI’S HOUSE CLEANING, using environmentally safe cleaning products. Local references. For free estimate, call Dani..."

"Yoga Springs Studio, a beautiful sacred space for weekly classes and weekend workshops. Monica Hasek, RYT, director. 108 Dayton St. (upstairs)..."

"Pamela Funderburg, HMP, Holistic Massage & Belavi Facelift massage..."

"Dark Star Books & Comics, 237 Xenia Ave.Thousands of affordable used books, collectible first editions, the best in comics, too.www.darkstarbookstore.com_"

"ATTENTION REPEAT OFFENDERS: The Newly Revised and Completely Updated REPEAT OFFENDERS: Best of the Yellow Springs News Police Report is available for purchase at the Yellow Springs News. All new illustrations by Matt Minde. It's a steal at $5.50! Find out what everyone's laughing about!"

"Found: Aikida in Springfield; Yellow Springs tags, but phone number disconnected. Call Pat..."

"JUST DO IT! Massive anti-war demonstration in Washington D.C. Jan. 27. Charter bus from Yellow Springs leaves evening of Jan. 26, returns late night Jan 27. $60 round trip, some scholarships available. An exciting adventure, the right thing to do. Reserve a seat now."

More at I gotta tell you, it’s enough to make a body yearn for the peace and quiet of New York.

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jafabrit said...

that is why I love living in yellow springs. Not only full of interesting people but they encourage eccentricity. How else would we have gotten a village to let my friend and I put an art gallery in their local public loo :)