Monday, July 17, 2006

Take cover! Here come those damn kids scattering rose petals again.

Just in case you had the idea that George W. Bush & Company is learning anything from its excellent adventure in Iraq, go get yourself another idea.

The Associated Press reports that, “In Washington's scenario, presented this week by a presidential commission, a democratic Cuba will endorse multiparty elections and free markets and become a new ally to be rebuilt with American assistance after nearly five decades of communism.”

And how are we going to make sure that happens? By spending $80 or so million over the next couple of years “encouraging” the change. The Presidential commission also suggests that Cubans could “appeal” to us for food, water and other aid, says the AP report.

Umm, is it possible that food shortages might be caused by, oh, maybe, umm, that blockade we’ve had going against Cuba since the Bay of Pigs era? So what are we going to do, tighten the screws? And how will we do that?

Maybe we could plan to go in there and blow up some warehouses and water supply lines and bomb Havana. Maybe we could “encourage” change by landing a few battalions of troops on leave from their third tour of duty in Iraq. You can practically hear the gears whirring in the White House.

These are the same Bush & Company geniuses who promised us that the Iraqis would be throwing rose petals in our path when we invaded Iraq. Or was it whole roses? Never mind. The only things they throw at us today explode.

It it just me who thinks these guys on Pennsylvania Avenue couldn’t learn a history lesson if it were hammered into their heads with spikes? No, it is not. Wayne Smith, who was the senior US diplomat to Cuba from 1979 to 1982 calls the whole scenario “pie in the sky.”

Smith also said, according to the AP, “We need a reality check here. Anyone who knows Cuba knows the Cuban people aren't going to rise up against a successor regime."

Sorry pal. In the Bush White House, we don’t do no reality checks.

For the full AP story, copy and paste the IRL below into your web browser.;_ylt=AlVMNzOxXJvyVPngssqW5mdvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTA0cDJlYmhvBHNlYwM-

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