Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Yet another Republican nincompoop who can simultaneously put his foot in his mouth and his head up his own butt

Sorry, but in the heat of the national elections, rampant cliff anxiety, Todd Akin hilarity, and other societal fits, hiccups and hysterical peals of laughter, I managed to miss this guy.

This probably wouldn't have happened if I lived and paid regular attention in Wisconsin, where he is a state senator from West Bend. If that state's senate has a committee on buffoonery, he's probably chairman of it.

His name is Glenn Grothman and it would appear that he just blew away his own private parts, (don't call 911, that's a political metaphor) by shooting from the mouth. (That another political metaphor.)

I yearn for this yutz to speak up again, offering his learned opinion on subjects such as why and how women get pregnant and what it means to their children. Oh wait!

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