Friday, January 11, 2013

Announcing the First Official New York Crank Blogroll High Colonic Purge

Change, for better or worse, just keeps happening. The blog that charmed you yesterday is dormant today. The blog you never heard of last week, is suddenly getting visits seven ways to Sunday. Or at least you’ve suddenly just heard about it. So…

It’s purge time! Bend over, you constipated blogs!

The time has come to clear out links from The New York Crank to the blogs and webpubs that aren’t doing much any more, and replace them with some livelier venues.

So gone is Billionaires for Bush and its offspring, Billionaires for Wealthcare. Their venomously ironic humor at the expense of the selfish one percent was always refreshing, but the venom factory appears to be all but out of business. Those spoofer “billionaires” haven’t  published anything new, at least as of this posting, since 2011.

Publish or perish, guys.

Speaking of which, the college professor who wrote Dear Barry, Respectfully Larry, is history on my blogroll. He’s a good friend and has been since my college days, but you can’t put up one post a year and call your posting a blog. So farewell, at least for now, Larry.

I’m also purging Bushtoll, because George W. Bush has already been flushed down the toilet bowl of civilization by just about everybody, including his own party.  Congratulations on all your good work, Bushtoll. But goodbye.

Welcome newcomers
(to this blog’s blogroll, that is)

In the place of the goners I’m inserting some new political and editorial g-spots.
I’m linking to – not the whole Crooks and Liars – but the Crooks and Liars Video CafĂ©, which at least as often as not displays the audio-visual buffoonery of the batpoop-crazy right. There’s nothing like watching and hearing those right wing lunatics foaming at the mouth in living color. 

If you haven’t discovered Bad Attitudes, I encourage you to click right over there and read these folks. I find their take on politics as twisted and simpatico as my own. We could be parallel rails of a piece of double helix DNA. (And you’re absolutely correct: I have no idea what I’m talking about. But it sounds right.) 

Although I don’t normally link to book websites, I feel that you are missing something if you haven’t read the e-book HEIRESS STRANGLED IN MOLTEN CHOCOLATE AT NAZI SEX ORGY! A MEMOIR. And so, it remains the top link on my list. The link above and on my blogroll gets you to the right place at although you can also buy it at the I-Tunes Store (for your I-Pad, if you can find the damn link on your own), Barnes & Noble (for your Nook), and for just about any electronic format.

Finally, a word to someone who appears to be the sole remaining blogger on No-Pasaran.

Watch your focus, Erik.
Just plain watch it.

Look, I have nothing against linking with people whose politics are diametrically opposed to my own. Short of employing spy satellites and undercover operatives, reading what the other side says is the only reliable way of gathering enemy intelligence.

But there are plenty of right wing blogs. I link to No-Pasaran (which has never returned the favor) because I sometimes travel to Europe, and in particular to Paris. The attraction of No-Pasaran was that if anything bad was going on there, I’d know about it. And I’d know what neighborhoods to put at the top of my “let's not wander around there this time” list, such as St. Denis, north of Paris.

However, Joe Noori, and another partner seem to have departed No-Pasaran, leaving behind one person whose attention is focusing more and more on American issues rather than French issues. So No-Pasaran’s tenure on my blogroll is getting a bit shaky. Watch it, Erik. I can replace you with a link to France Soir or worse (for you) Le Monde, or – I know this is really going to turn your stomach, Erik – Liberation.

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