Monday, January 15, 2007

How to make a right-winger’s head explode

Way over on the far-right wing, friends of ultraconservative doctrine are having wildly out-of-control panic attacks. How do I know?

In response to a statement that “the Euro is not at all, not even slowly, replacing the U.S. Dollar in central bank reserves…” I posted a hasty note on the right wing blog "No Pasaran" saying that, sadly, the value of the dollar was falling in relation to the Euro. I did so hastily – so very hastily that by mistake I made it sound as if it was the Euro that was falling – a misstatement I corrected later, but no matter.

Boom! It was as if I’d placed a pound of TNT inside the heads of some of that blog’s readers and then ignited the stuff. A powerful gush of fury spewed out of the comment section of the blog. One comment even spilled over into my own blog. (See the comments section in the article below.)

I mean, it’s amazing what you get. I referred to the year I was a student and could live in Europe on $5 a day. One reader assumed that was 1980, and sailed off on a tangent from there. Another assumed it was 1990, and therefore it was impossible for me to live on $5 a day. Wrong on both counts. The year was 1959.

I got called names. I got highly selective statistics thrown at me, with inconvenient ones eliminated. I got non-sequiturs galore. I got obscenities. Sheesh!

Who knew there was all this pent up rage on the right? I mean, isn’t their own guy in the White House?

What’s causing the heat? If you believe, as I do, that rage is really just fear turned inside out, signs point to the likelihood that the right wing is terrified. Their boy, George Bush, followed their party line. The result: chaos in Iraq, blood in the streets of Baghdad, over 3,000 American military personnel dead there, an escalation of the war, a mounting national debt whereas before we had a budget surplus under Clinton, a near total failure of United States prestige abroad and a dollar that’s turning into toilet paper.

Plus, finally the American electorate has begun to see through the Bush administration and the Republican party as if they were made of glass. The Right fears the coming Democrat sweep in the Presidential Election. As well they might.

So…you wanna see right wing brains go boom? Cut and paste the following URL, and then click on “Et ca geule!”

Or click on the link in the sidebar above right to the most current posts on No-Pasaran, certainly a lively blog and definitely a busy blog, written I think largely by American expats in Europe.

The blog’s own writers often have interesting things to say, even though most of the time I’m miles from seeing things their way. But their readers? Hooo-wee! Check the No-Pasaran comment boards and watch all the crazed right wingers burst into flame every time they meet an opinion they don’t like.


Buce said...

What kind of knucklehead would post at No Pasaran anyway. Sheesh.

the awkward epiphany said...

i'll take your suggestion to heart but i prefer the literal method of actually inserting tnt into...well anyway.

Janice said...

I'm enjoying the drawing. I can see the European influence :D