Monday, November 07, 2016

FBI admits it has nothing to go on in its witch trial of Hillary — and the “wisdom of the market” literally jumps for joy

The "wisdom of the market: when
the FBI clears Hillary, the trend
reverses and heads upward. Is there
a moral here, or what?
Hey there, Conservatives. I’m talking to you, lovers of Trump-style authoritarianism.

Aren’t you the folks who said there’s nothing wiser than “the wisdom of the market?”

Well, the market has spoken, and what it has said is, “Dump Trump.”

With new so-called “evidence” from the FBI recently concerning Hillary’s e-mails roughly a fortnight ago, the market went into a long, slow, downward slide. With its loss of confidence would have come losses of jobs, incomes, growth, and tax revenues. The only growth would have been in the deficit.

But on Friday FBI Director James Comey fessed up that he had nothing but a bunch of duplicates of the e-mails he had previously looked at, and nothing else of any particular interest.

And this morning, the stock market soared.

Whether that's the wisdom of the market, or merely of savvy investors — real business people who can foresee what an unmitigated disaster Trump will be — the market has had its say, loudly and clearly about Donald Trump, the people around him, and the Congressional and Senate hacks who support him. 

Moral: Trump is a businessman, but not a smart one. The smart money has confidence that Hillary can turn the economy around, and Trump would just make it worse. If you want to make America greater, vote for Hillary Clinton and for Democratic Senators and Congressional Representatives.

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