Friday, October 12, 2012

Never mind a close analysis of what the VP candidates said. Instead let's analyze some meaningless statistics and facial expressions

I’m gonna keep this short because, well, I’m gonna keep this short.

I think Ryan lied several times last night when talking about Social Security, Medicare, the budget and taxes.

On the other hand, Biden phumphered (that’s a made-up word that means what it sounds like) on the issue of the embassy security in Libya.

Tragically, much of the post-mortem on CNN was meaningless, or worse. Has not one reporter caught on that Biden was not "smirking?" He was clearly laughing heartily – as well he might – at the lies and misinformation that Ryan was propagating. The stuff coming out of Ryan’s mouth was often so off-the-wall it was funny.

Was that a sign of “disrespect?” Well, if Mr. Ryan wants more respect, he might try telling the truth.

But CNN (and Wolf Blitzer) really got my goat when, after the debate, Blitzer hauled out some giant graphics showing the number of minutes and seconds each candidate talked about each subject. This was in order to enlighten us about what?

I’ll never know, because that’s when I snapped off my TV and went to bed gnashing my teeth.

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