Thursday, October 18, 2012

Are you ready to embrace your own poverty, misery and enslavement? You’d better be when Mitt Romney gets to the White House.

Cranky negativist that I am, I’m going to assume that it’s over for Obama. Just read the Gallup poll.

Incredibly, despite the overt deviousness of Willard Romney and the flat out declarations of Paul Ryan, Americans are liking them better and better. And the trend is growing at a dangerous rate for a nation this close to election. So don’t be surprised by any of the following:

If you’re old: Your Social Security income will fall farther and farther behind inflation and may be cut entirely. Ditto Medicare. Especially Medicare. You’ll get a voucher for a few thousand bucks, and good luck. What’s that? You say Romney and Ryan are promising this will only apply to young people? Think about what happens when the Medicare and Social Security deductions for younger people get applied to a different program. Where’s the funding for yours? You’re screwed.

If you’re under 55:  Healthcare? Ha! The first time you get an unexplained headache, a visit to the doctor and some followup diagnostic tests will eat up your voucher. And no retirement for you either, friend, until you’re 75. But since your corporate employer will be entitled to fire you for any reason or no reason at all, and nobody will hire you past fifty, be prepared to panhandle for a living starting late middle age, at least until the panhandlers are all rounded up. Get your hands on a cardboard refrigerator box and guard it carefully. You’ll need it to sleep in. Learn to scrounge meals from garbage cans. There’s good eating in some of that trash. Sandwich crusts only a few days old. A rotten banana or two. Maggoty mea won’t kill you. It’s good protein. Dog doo on it? Wipe it off.

If you’re young: The super-rich nobility will need a few serfs to drive cars, haul the garbage, patch building roofs and sweep the streets. They’ll even need a few technicians, who may get to go to junior college. The rest of you? Who specifically said you’re entitled to a higher education? Not the original language of the constitution.

If you’re a union member they’re coming for you. On November 15th, 1919, a time many Republicans yearn to go back to, a labor organizer named Joe Hill was executed by firing squad after – it turned you many years later – he was framed for the murder of a grocer. Did his union activities have anything to do with it? Everything to do with it, said his lawyer.  And in what state did all this take place? Why, of all coincidences, in Mitt’s native state of Utah.

If you’re an immigrant: You’re officially cannon fodder, amigo. The USA under Romney will have a problem. We have a war in Afghanistan that Romney doesn't want to get out of. We still have some troops in Iraq. And the Romney Republican war machine is just chomping at the bit to go into Syria and Iran. When that happens, the likelihood is that the war will spread throughout the Middle East. Yemen, for example. Kuwait. Libya. Maybe all of North Africa. Romney’s going to need lots of soldiers to get killed and maimed in those wars, and he’s sure as hell not going to rely on people like himself, whose missionary “work” was more important than the Viet Nam War. Instead, innocent children of undocumented immigrants will have a chance to become permanent residents “by serving honorably in the United States military.” Not by become badly needed educators, or cops, or firemen, or scientists, or engineers. Just by getting their arms and legs and heads shot off. No such demands are getting put on any other group. And that will hold things, until Romeny can reinstitute a military draft for the poor and what’s left of the shredded middle class.

Got a gun? You’re fine if you’re wealthy and living I a gated or well-patrolled community. Your firepower can back up the Hessian at the gagte. I was in Quito, Ecuador a few years ago where I noticed that the difference between the rich and the superrich was that the superrich had two guards with automatic rifles protecting their front doors. But if you’re common folk? Well, Malcolm X once advised Afro Americans to get guns, saying that “Violence is as American as Apple Pie.” He was assassinated under less than perfectly clear circumstances. And  BlackPanther leader Fred Hampton was assassinated in his sleep by a joint task force of cops and FBI.  You will only have a right to bear arms if you happen to agree on nearly everything with Mitt.

They’re also coming for you if… You are a doctor who performed an abortion, even before the all-conservative Supreme Court which Romney will appoint outlaws abortion. Or if you worked in a clinic where abortions were performed. Or if you referred or counseled anyone for an abotion. Or if you had an abortion. Or if you sold, bought or swallowed a morning after pill. The legal theory? That because the fetus is a human, destruction of a fetus was murder even if there once had been an “incorrect” law about it on the book.

So feel free. Vote for Romney. Or stay at home while other fools vote for him, based on a “feeling” they have about him, rather than what he’s going to do.

Americans get the country we deserve. And it looks as if we’re about to start deserving medieval serfdom.


Patricia said...

Sadly, you are probably right. People are so stupid, they will believe any lie, from anyone. Gotta go look for a nice appliance box. Not many people I know can afford a new refrigerator. Might be quite a chore.

Jill said...

Yup. That about nails it.