Friday, July 29, 2011

What to cut when Congress demands budget cuts

1. Cut congressional salaries. Cut them down to the monthly stipend that Social Security recipients get. If Social Security payments go down, or stay static, keep congressional salaries at the same level.

2. Cut the salaries of congressional aides. (See above).

3. Cut the congressional medical plan. Put them on exactly the same Medicare program that seniors receive. If Medicare gets means tested, means-test the congressional representatives, too. Some of those guys are millionaires. They should pay out of their own pockets, just like the seniors who, after paying into the system for decades, will be declared "too rich" to get the Medicare they bought.

4. Ditto congressional aides.

And if the U.S. Government defaults...

Let's default from the Capitol Building down. First, Mr. President and Mr. Secretary of the Treasury, don't pay Congressional salaries. Or benefits. Or expenses.

And for the love of heaven, don't pay to have their toilets cleaned. Tell them to do it with their own toothbrushes.


Suzan said...

Love it!

More!!! More!!!!

May I blogroll you?


Theo said...

Arrived here via Briiliant at Breakfast. Great post! Personally, I would start with the not cleaning the toilets bit - that'll cause them a lot more anguish sooner than the other cuts. :)