Friday, February 27, 2009

Bye bye until late March. I'm off to visit the Third World.

I've got my malaria pills. I've had my shots. I've been admonished up to here about the water, ("Don't drink it. Don't even brush your teeth with it.")

I also know not to walk barefoot outdoors, not that I'd ever think to. ("They've got a worm that enters through the soles of your feet, crawls up the inside of your leg and...") Yecch! I get it.

So what with watching out for killer worms, staying wary of malaria-bearing mosquitos, avoiding cholera, polio, dysentary, and sorting out what's real from what's pop medicine, ("The international public health people gave you what kind of pills for Malaria Country? Don't you know about the side effects?")...

...With all that, I'm going to be too busy to blog. Or to moderate. Not to mention too far from a computer most of the time. Feel free to try posting here, but understand that your posts won't go up on The New York Crank until I crank my way back to New York.

See ya late March, possibly with some interesting tales to tell.

I hope not too interesting.


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laurieinrico said...

have a great trip.
I look fwd. to more stories