Thursday, November 06, 2008

The nuts of the Right Wingnut Society have an hysterical meltdown. Does Barack Obama really hope to work with these guys?

During his victory speech, Barack Obama held out a fig leaf to the folks on the right. “I hear you,” he said, adding that he needs them and hopes to work with them.

Well, maybe a handful of the saner ones among them. But if the right wing blogosphere is any indication, getting cooperation on national priorities will be about as easy as shoveling balls of mercury into a truck with a pitchfork.

Here’s a sampling of what I ran across today. Admittedly, I’ve been cherrypicking. But I gotta tell you, those right wingnut cherries are low-hanging fruits.

All you right-wingers
are hereafter pariahs
— to the right wing

...Congratulations are also due to President George W. Bush for being one of the most incompetent, overspending, uncommunicative, clueless politicians. He has single-handedly reduced the Republican Party to “also ran” status by pissing-off almost everybody. Granted, a lot of Republican senators and congressmen aided and abetted him.

We’d be remiss in not offering kudos to McCain for the selection of Gov. Palin whom, while I’m sure she has some sort of future ahead of her, was not reassuring as a choice to be one-tragedy-away from the Oval Office.

And lastly, our thanks to all the corrupt, greedy, and incompetent of Wall Street and the banking industry for galvanizing the electorate mere months before the election and reminding all of us that “it’s the economy, stupid!”

Now we can all look forward to the three horsemen of the apocalypse — Obama, Pelosi, & Reid — trashing what little remains of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, of the American way, of capitalism, of free will, of the American Dream.
Well, we've been saying all along that George Bush and his crew, and John McCain and his divisive attack politics were destructive. Glad to see the right finally taking our cranky point of view. To see more of what this wing nut spun on the topic, go here.

From The Anti-Idolitarian Rottweiler:
Bush was a “left lurching” moderate.
(Yeah, like anybody believes that)
Bush, followed by McCain, were the very epitome of “moderate” with their ever more left-lurching policies.

So how did that work out for us again?

We’re here today because of “compassionate conservatism.”….

The proof is in the pudding. If we don’t purge the GOP of “moderates” and start running conservatives, then this is just the beginning.
Actually, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and maybe a bit of starchy pudding would get this Rottweiler to slow down and think about what he's really saying. Does he really want to see a party that was rejected for leaning too far right go over the right hand edge? For the original of this screed against the leftwardly-lurching right wing, check here.

From Atlas Shrugs: Bloodletting to come
(but it’s all in-house bloodletting)
Have you heard or seen the latest attacks on Sarah Palin coming from the McCain camp (and who knows what other GOP 2012 contenders are behind it)? Our party destroying our people? They are smearing Palin but wouldn't smear the Mansourian candidate?

Furthermore, the McCain aides told Cameron that Mrs Palin threw tantrums over bad press reviews and was a shopaholic. He also reported that chief McCain foreign policy advisor Randy Sheunemann was fired late in the campaign for allegedly leaking details of the splits.

I don't see the report up on the Fox website tonight but there may be something there in the morning. Nonetheless, with Palin allies pushing her for a 2012 run, this is clearly explosive stuff and doubtless the harbinger of some serious bloodletting after the Barack Obama landslide.
You can look over the shoulder of this member of the right wing circular firing squad here.

Would you like a squirt of 
outright racism on your slime?’
Socialist Negro wins 3 Southern states

Isn't that what this group should be discussing?

Now Barack Hussein Obama is no peanut-farming, triangulating, "big government is dead" Clinton/Carter type bubba Southern favorite son. Yet he won Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina. And Georgia was a close call, and the demographic trends in Texas will make future Socialist Negroes competitive there. Yikes.

And the incisive commentaries of a pair of guys
not likely to find jobs in a rocket science lab or
investment bank

I think that Barack Obama's tax proposal...Is retarded. You know, my family (mom and sister) is poor as shit, but that's why I'm in school now as an accountant because I want to make a lot of money. While the tax cut will help my family and me right now, I don't feel it's right that I will be penalized for my success. I might as well be someone who's been detoxed for a week and that's voting for the first time just because Obama's a black man with a "plan". I mean that's what Oprah said and she also said "We'll take all the druggies votes if we can." His acceptance speech was moving until I remembered... Hitler gave great speeches too.
Listen kid, I hate to tell you this, but if you want to be a success you'd better be prepared for some serious mental improvement. Forget the expletive and the misuse of the word retarded for now. Or your greed. When you say, "I don't feel it's right that I will be penalized for my success," you're counting your chickens before you have so much as a single egg to hatch. And without taxes and then government financial aid to your college, who's gonna keep the doors open while you learn how to read a balance sheet? Or what a balance sheet it? "Hitler gave great speeches too." Kid, you won't know Hitler if he grabbed you by the neck and threw you in a gas chamber. On the other hand, Hitler misled a lot of imbeciles. Get your IQ tested.

That was the first. Here's a
bright idea from the second

so how is obama helping the little people? he is going to screw little people. get an education and learn simple economics and you will be ashamed of yourself for saying that and for voting for someone who is going to ruin our economy more than it is. if you don't believe me, you are not educated enough to figure it out. it is elementary.
Gotcha, pal. You're a Harvard Ph.D in economics and you're writing this in mufti from a Halloween party. The previous two educated thoughts came from the commentary section here.

Barack, I consider you an authentic America hero. But when you start trying to communicate with a crew that's steering the aircraft from the outer edge of the starboard wing, you'll need all the luck you can get.


Robert E said...

"Or what a balance sheet it?"

It's a bit silly to comment on someone's grammatical abilities when you don't catch your own mistakes.

Generally, retardation in the grammatical department is far more common among the down trodden Lefties.

-Democrat against Obama

New York Crank said...

Well, good for YOU, "robert e." You caught a typo.

You're quite right. I should have written "what a balance sheet is," and not "what a balance sheet it."

And yes, the sentence lacked a subject. The predicated merely referred back to the antecedent sentence, a common stylistic tactic these days. I'm certain you're aware of that.

When you graduate from continuation school, perhaps you can get a job as a proofreader. I can guarantee you that when you do, your income won't fall in the 40% bracket, which will make you a double winner.

Very crankily yours,
The New York Crank