Thursday, October 23, 2008

“What, your hand got shredded with a saw? No health insurance? Bummer, pal. Now scram.”

“I recently took care of a young contractor who had shredded his hand using a saw and cut right through one of his tendons,” an emergency room doctor from Massachusetts writes.

"This is a serious injury that requires expert attention. After cleaning and closing his wounds to the best of my ability, I referred him to an orthopedic doctor for outpatient surgery. A couple of days later, I called him up to see how he was doing. I was shocked to hear his story: he had called every orthopedic doctor in the area, but no surgeon would see him because he had no health insurance. This man is young, hardworking, and needs the use of his hands to provide for himself and his family, yet his lack of health insurance put his career and family in serious jeopardy."
Nor was this the only medical insurance horror story this same ER doctor encountered. For example:
"On the last shift I worked, the paramedics brought in a 95 year old man who was found on the floor. No one knew how long he had been lying there. Our paramedics were horrified by the sight of this man's home. They described a disheveled apartment that hadn't been cleaned in months; no food in the fridge; and no signs of anyone helping. When I went to examine this man, he was covered in urine and stool that was days old. After taking care of him, I decided to call Elder Protective Services to report the situation. I was surprised to find out that they already knew about his situation and "see him regularly." The last time they saw this man was two weeks prior to his visit to our ED."
This and other stories come from a website established by Doctors for Obama. It’s generously seasoned with horror stories from concerned doctors about what happens when a nation does far too little to medically insure its citizens.

Stories from doctors? Didn’t they used to be opposed to government involvement in medical insurance? Not any more.
"This is why I am so frustrated with my job. Our healthcare system does not allow paramedics, nurses, and doctors to take care of the people who need it the most: 1. hard working Americans who are simply trying to provide for their families; and, 2. elderly Americans who have worked so hard to make sure our lives are better than theirs. In this election year, I believe that solving the healthcare crisis is the most serious issue on the agenda. After reviewing the candidates' plans, I have concluded that the choice is clear: Senator Obama's plan provides a road map to meaningful, realistic reform; Senator McCain's plan will make matters worse."
Please read more of what the doctors say about the disgraceful healthcare situation in America. And remember, the McCain healthcare proposal wants to tax your health benefits under a plan that would do little or nothing to alleviate the situation for people like the man with the shredded hand, or the 90 year old American starving to death in a pool of his own feces.

Obama has a plan that might finally bring America’s medical insurance into the modern world — instead of leaving it where it is now, in the Third World. Give him your vote.

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