Friday, October 17, 2008

Does John McCain support and honor disabled vets? Not according to the disabled vets.

Disabled American Veterans say he voted with them a paltry 20% of the time. They explain here:

The votes listed under the Key Votes section of the DAV web site are recorded roll call votes. They are related to important issues, such as:

* Budget
* Appropriations
* Amendments to increase funding
* Emergency supplemental funding for VA

In most cases, with recorded votes, we have notified members of Congress of what our position is, how we wanted them to vote, and why.
And how did Barack Obama do by comparison? He voted for the disabled vets 80% of the time.

So now, when that white haired patriot sneers that Obama doesn’t support the troops, ask him what kind of support he gives when they come home wounded and maimed.

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