Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No comments needed, but I'll give you a few anyway

This poster was borrowed -- well, okay, stolen -- from Billionaires for Bush (link in the links column at right.) I highly recommend that you check out their website.

There would be no further commentary necessary concerning Paris Hilton, if not for the interview she gave Larry King recently.

It was the kind of interview that made you want to dance around and chant, "Liar, liar, yer pants on fire!" I'm not a big Paris Hilton follower, but something about the interview rang as false as a three dollar bill. Perhaps it was Larry King's steadfast failure to ask followup questions.

For example, Paris said she goes into her office every day and does hard work. King might have followed up by asking what she does while she's working hard. Does she make phone calls? Does she doodle? Does she have to lug heavy packages? Sweep out the office? Is she at her desk at 8 AM until the wee hours of the night? Does some boss drop into her office on an hourly basis and holler, "Paris, are you going to finish that damn assignment today or am I going to have to give it to the new kid in the mail room?"

What exactly constitute hard work in the separate universe of a rich woman who drives drunk and violates court orders with a shrug?

She should have been asked, but nah! Not Softball Larry, the interviewer with a national audience who's notorious for turning every interview into free celebrity advertising. So when she said she doesn't do drugs, it wasn't surprising he didn't raise an eyebrow, much less a penetrating question about her claim.

Fortunately, somebody at The Smoking Gun raise not only an eyebrow, but some telling documentary films that show Paris was lying through her teeth. Check it out here:

What was I saying about an excess wealth tax earlier this week?

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