Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lesbians with pink pistols: Murdoch media empire weirdos air their perv sex fantasies to the world

Some while ago, a psychiatrist in New York got sued by a patient because he had an affair with her.

If true, what he did was most certainly a grave violation of medical ethics. What it most certainly was not was an act of perversion. This had to do with plain vanilla sexual intercourse between two consulting adults. And no, I’m not going to offer you the URL – the poor guy has been identified and hounded enough – although you can tease it out of a search engine if you’re that sick.

Anyway, whether it was newsworthy or not that a patient was suing her doctor, the New York Post splashed it all over their front page, labeling him in giant type a “Perv Doc.”

Iraq was going to hell in a handbasket, New Orleans was a mess, the healthcare system was a disaster, the White House was firing prosecutors who refused to act as police state character assassins – and Murdoch’s New York Post had nothing better to investigate and put on its front page than a doctor who had an affair? And then to label him a “Perv?”


That’s why I’m so amazed – totally, astoundingly amazed – that the New York Post – a member of the same Murdoch publishing family as the Fox News Network – hasn’t bothered to expose and expunge the perv broadcasters in their own ranks.

I’m talking about those disgusting pervs Bill O’Reilly and his perv-o “Fox News crime analyst" Rod Wheeler. Yes folks, he calls himself Rod.

You’ll find a full report of the story and a clip of the pervy Fox broadcast that got it all going here:

But what it boils down to is that O’Reilly and his Rod seem to be having wild sex fantasies about imaginary gangs of Lesbians with pink Glock pistols, roaming the streets all over America’s great cities, committing violence, mayhem and rape.

It also turned out, in an interview, that Wheeler couldn’t document any of these claims, couldn’t point out a source, couldn’t do squat except insist that it was all true – wherever the “information” about this so-called national trend he was reporting on came from.

In other words he – or perhaps he and his perv enabler Bill O’Reilly - made it all up. Or to put it plainly, it’s their perv sex fantasy.

Look, if those two guys simply went into the garage, dropped their pants, and jerked off together to imaginary images of lesbians with pink Glocks in rapacious street sex orgies, it wouldn’t yank my own crank one iota.

But when the anti-perv news organization start airing their own perverted fantasies on the air, it’s time to take them off the air.

And to make them register as sex offenders. Never mind truth offenders.


Joe Noory said...

Oh come on... you dig it, don't you? I've met some of the Pink Pistols. They really do have their heads screwed on quite straight when it comes to protecting themselves.
From the thought process they go through, the fact that they're not straight doesn't figure into their choices, except for maybe rebelling from a subculture that likes to be passive and whine when they don't feel secure. I really think they just get tired of hearing other people who live in crime ridden areas complaining but otherwise doing nothing for themselves.
They also seem to enjoy shooting targets as a hobby, just as most pistol owners or renters do.

I would give them a break. It's bad enough that everyone imagines everyone else a sort of predictable monolith. For example, this penchance for only pointing out puriant behaviour when a conservative is involved requires that accuser to actually not cross-dress from time to time, like while taking the adopted children to the playground...


But seriously, folks - it does point out one unflattering thing about the accuser: what do they care? Why are THEY (heaven-sent protectors of the socially appropriate victim sub-groups...) where dot THEY get off calling anyone a pervy freak? Do they have a monopoly on them, or do they really NOT WANT to be inclusive? Indeed, a puzzlement!

New York Crank said...


I'm not quite sure I can parse what it is you're trying to say, Joe, but I'll fight to the death for your right to confuse me.

Crankily yours,
The New York Crank