Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Name a kid after a drug? Why, a university dean even wanted to name her law school after Enron. (But the U of Houston nixed it.)

Dang! It’s getting tougher to have an original idea.

I suggest naming people after pills for money (see an earlier post). The next thing you know, I hear that at the University of Houston law school, a former dean tried to get the school named after Enron for money.

This, I assume, was before Ken Lay and friends sank thir own ship and still had megabucks to toss around. But the Ex U-Hou (“Yoo-Hoo?”) law dean was rebuffed anyway. I guess some of those folks in the university ivory tower could see deeper into Enron than ordinary slobs like you and me. Or – I duno - maybe they overheard something at the country club.

Anyway, the former law dean, Nancy B. Rapoport, not only confirmed the story but also says she tried to convince the high poobahs at Yoo-Hoo to buy the Enron building out of bankruptcy, “which would have gotten us a heckuva deal at the credit-bid price of $51mm.”

Evidently, that didn’t happen either. (Real estate speculators in Houston take note.)

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