Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Liar Liar, yer pants on fire, (continued)

How do you convince people the economy is doing great when in fact you’re getting your fellow citizens deeper, and deeper, and deeper into a national debt that our grandchildren will be paying off – assuming there’s a nation left?

Why, just predict an even higher deficit. Then, when the deficit figures for the year turn out to be merely outrageous, as opposed to, umm, unbearably humongous, declare, “See, my tax cuts are working! The deficit is $100 million lower than expected!”

You’ll find the horrible (and horrid) details here: http://www.cjrdaily.org/politics/wag_that_tail_fido_its_july.php

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Geff said...

I think Mr. Orwell called it "raising the chocolate ration."