Sunday, July 16, 2017

Why this blog is taking a short break

My arthritic right hip is the only thing that has ever caused me more pain than my ex-wife’s matrimonial lawyer. Finally, I’m almost on my way out the door for hip replacement surgery.

I've already had  enough dental implants to put a periodontist’s kid through Hotchkiss and Harvard. Add those to the hip surgery and I'll have more installed replacement parts than a 1953 Chevrolet in downtown Havana. 

I’m told I’ll be too doped up to write for a short while when I return home, and after that too busy learning  new skills, such as how to get in and out of a  bath tub without undoing the surgeon’s work, and how to put my socks on. 

So for a while, blogging will have to take a back seat to physical therapy, which also involves someone coming to my apartment and forcing me to do exercises that will help me to walk, bend, twist, sit, and perform other amazing feats that I used to take for granted. 

(A friend who has been through this whole routine told me he had an excellent physical therapist, and that he would be happy to recommend her. “What’s her name?” I asked him. “Mistress Pam,” he said.)

Figure I’ll be back early-to-mid-to-late August. Give or take a little.


Comrade Misfit said...

Take care of yourself and do the physical therapy.

Victor said...

Best wishes, NY Crank!

Take care of what you need to.
We'll still be here when you're ready to return.

Yastreblyansky said...

Best of luck, Crank! and what Comrade Misfit said. Looking forward to your return.

Stay Cranky!

The New York Crank said...

Thanks guys. And much appreciated.

I'm home from the hospital now, and feeling surprisingly good. But I'm still just a bit zonked on pain killerts,so it still may be a week or two before I can post.`

Stay tuned.

Yours not-so-crankioly,
The New York Crank

Never Ben Better said...

Do take care of yourself! And do, do obey the physical therapist, no matter how annoying, aggravating, uncomfortable, tedious, etc., the exercises are. Also closely observe all the precautions you've been instructed to follow. As one who's been through it, I can affirm that you need to Be A Good Boy or you will not have as good a result in the long run.

And it will be a long run; I'm four years out from mine, and I'd say it took more than a year to reach an end result, although the relief from the pain preceding the operation was noticeable right away, despite the post-surgical pain. You may also discover that you will have episodes of arthritic-type hip pain over the years even after recovery; my orthopedist tells me this is in fact normal -- after all, there was a whole lotta sawing and hammering and disruption of tissues involved.

Bottom line, for me, anyway -- it was a pain in many ways, I will never have an entirely "normal" hip, but by GOD it was worth it all.

Jerome Doolittle said...

On the bright side, my wife (now 84) had both hips replaced many years ago. She was obsessive about the rehab exercises, and to this day walks three miles every morning.