Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Comrade Trump goes to Washington

San Francisco designer Matt Silverman, the creator
of this poster, may have put his finger on who 
Donald Trump really wants to be
What’s with the curious affinity of Donald Trump for Vladimir Putin? 

And how does this love for the communist boss square with Trump’s cabinet appointments of right wing social safety net haters— people who want not only to repeal Obamacare, but who also yearn destroy Social Security and Medicare?

One theory is, a totalitarian is a totalitarian, is a totalitarian. Case in point: a former Moscow strongman named Joseph Stalin.

Even before Hitler begin sending six million people to his gas chambers, Stalin deliberately created a genocidal famine in the Ukraine to starve the peasants who wanted independence from Moscow. At the height of it, 28,000 Ukrainians a day starved to death. 

Oh, and also worth mentioning. Before he began starving people who didn’t see things his way, Stalin started out more mildly — by rounding them up and deporting them. Sound familiar?

The thing about “strongmen” is that at heart, their only personal ideology is their own power and narcissism.

Another Matt Silverman take on Trump
So maybe Trump can be both a Putin-adoring communist and a crypto-fascist. Whatever the case, hats off to San Francisco designer Matt Silverman, who has noticed how neatly Comrade Trump fits into Soviet-style propaganda posters. 

Zdrah stuiteh Comrade Donald. I have only one question for you. Is it true that after the first year or so of your administration, Russian will become the official language of the United States?

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