Sunday, October 16, 2016

Is Donald Trump sniffing cocaine?

The thought went through my head each time I've watched him debate Hillary. But I didn't want to blog about it because — well, all I had were suspicions.

But now Donald Trump has brought up the matter. The New York Times reports:
Escalating his criticism of Hillary Clinton’s debate performances, Donald J. Trump came to a state battling a drug epidemic and suggested without any evidence on Saturday that his opponent had been on drugs during their second debate.
And that makes him fair game for my suspicions than when he sniffs, and sniffs, and re-sniffs during the debates, he's trying to keep the cocaine up his nose and the white, cocaine-laden snot from running out of his nostrils and down his upper lip. I mean, look at all of this:

Trust a coke-head to get as crazy as The Donald has been acting during the past two debates.

Trust a coked-up addict to get so hyped at two o'clock in the morning that he starts tweeting insults at beauty queens.

Trust a coke-head to think that somehow he can fool a drug test. 

Trust a coke-head to be paranoid enough to think his opponent must be just as hyped up on Bolivian marching powder as he is — because otherwise why would she be doing so well in the debates? 

Trust a coke-head to think it's perfectly rational to start arming numerous nations with nukes.

And if there's a drug test and Hillary tests negative, or the Donald tests positive?

Why, he'll just say that proves that the tests were rigged. 

Trump doesn't belong in the White House. But it's possible he belongs in Phoenix House.

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