Saturday, September 10, 2016

Norwegian editor sticks it to Mark Zuckerberg

The Norwegian journal is called Aftenposten. The editor is Espen Egil Hansen. His article takes Mark Zuckerberg to task because Facebook tried to censor a world-famous war photograph, and finally knocked Hansen off Facebook for insisting the picture should remain.

At the end of his article, Hansen writes, "International media outlets: You may use our photos of Espen Egil Hansen and Aftenposten’s publications for this story. You may also use video material in your coverage."

I'm not sure whether this blog qualifies as an International media outlet, so I'll simply refer you here. Go, read, and try to keep your mind from exploding at the small mindedness of Facebook's management.

Oh, and this is the photograph, a classic of photo journalism illustrating in the most human terms I've ever seen the horror of war.

UPDATE: The Boston Globe is now reporting that Facebook has relented and decided to allow the horrifying picture of children fleeing a napalm attack  to remain on Facebook after all.

How kind of Facebook.

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