Saturday, September 12, 2015

Is Sarah Palin living evidence that the University of Idaho should lose its accreditation?

If we had Sarah Palin During World War II, we wouldn't have
needed Navajo code talkers.
"Palin returned to the University of Idaho in January 1986, and received her bachelor's degree in communication with an emphasis in journalism in May, 1987."
Source: Wikipedia

A tip of my hat to the Daily Kos, which printed the following transcript of Palin’s, umm, thoughtful political explication of the way things are, after it was broadcast by Rachel Maddow. 
"So up there in Alaska, across the way Russia," Sarah Palin said. "You know there is a name for this taking advantage of America. There is a Russian name for that. And it is called 'fortushka.' And that means Obama's window of opportunity. So as Obama leads from behind the skirt of his right-hand man, Valerie Jarrett, then it's up to Congress to close that window. He may propose. You dispose, Congress. You gotta be in it to win it because we want peace. With unapologetic mighty red, white, and blue, will have peace.”
And thanks also to Ms. Maddow, who understands that politics is a spectator sport. Grab yourself a handful of popcorn — that’s all the popcorn you’ll have time for — and go here to see one minute and seven seconds of Sarah Palin’s “communications.”

Palin isn’t even the Yogi Berra of politics. At least, in a syntactically twisted way, Berra made a kind of sense. That's beyond Palin's capabilities. “If you can’t imitate him, don’t copy him,” as Berra himself said.

As for the University of Idaho, I’d suggest that if they want to keep their accreditation, they ought to change the names of some of their courses. Instead of calling them “communications” or “journalism,” call them “free range Dadaism.” 

Otherwise, some of your graduates may eventually decide, as Berra put it, that they’ve made “too many wrong mistakes.”

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Gerald Shields said...

There's a western phrase for this : Making stuff out of thin air (Or in this case: Addled Brain)!