Friday, August 21, 2015

News from the loose screw department of the flapping right wing

Dudley Brown thinks THEY
are coming from the UN to 
take your guns away

There must be some new screws loose out there on the leading edge of the far right wing. 

I mean, why else would they send me the news, some of it SHOUTING LIKE THIS IN CAPITAL LETTERS!  


The message is  that now there's not only an Obama plot to take away everybody's gun, but that it also happens to be an "international" plot. I gather that it's bubbling around somewhere in the bowels of the UN Building. Or somewhere international.

I mean, you can't make this stuff up. That is, you can't make it up unless you're Dudley Brown. I quote from an e-mail I've just received from his organization. It's called NAGR, the National Association of Gun Rights, and it warned me in a headline that this was a "Final Notice"

"International Gun Registry. 
"In our Friday staff briefing, NAGR President Dudley Brown painted a bone-chilling picture of what could be the new reality for gun owners.
"You see, the prospect of President Obama getting the last laugh on gun control grows ever more likely -- especially since the Obama administration has already signed the United States into the U.N.'s "Small Arms Treaty! 
"That's why in order to fight back, NAGR is launching a MASSIVE "BANNER BOMB" PROGRAM 
"If we can hit our goal of raising $150,437 by August 20th, NAGR staff will blanket the Internet with a hard-hitting digital ad campaign to put pressure on U.S. Senators to OPPOSE Obama's gun-globalist agenda 
"All across the country, your National Association for Gun Rights is gearing up to EXPOSE every horrific provision of the United Nations' "Small Arms Treaty." 
"Will you make an IMMEDIATE CONTRIBUTION of at least $11 right now to help NAGR put pressure on our targeted U.S. Senators? 
"With your help, we can reach our $150,437 goal and run our "Banner Bomb" program to TURN UP THE HEAT on our targeted U.S. Senators and flood their phone lines and town halls with patriots demanding them to support the Second Amendment and resist Obama's globalist deals. "

Oh well, I suppose it's hard to raise money when Donald Trump is sucking all the insanity out of the room. But hey, I've got an idea! How about a Trump-Brown third party ticket if Trump fails to get the Republican nomination? They could call it the Don't Grab My Gun  Party. 

Anyway, I'm about to close down for the weekend. It's too nice to sit in front of a window banging on my computer. Besides,  I have some cuckoo clocks that need working on down in the safe room, next to the canned goods and the 20,000 rounds of ammo.

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