Monday, February 23, 2015

‘Pologize now. You hear me? I demand you ‘pologize.

I suspect it was down in Texas, where according to sardonic lore, “He needed killin’” can be raised as a valid defense against murder charges, that a new life form was born. 

Moreover, this oozing, disgusting, abrasive, rapidly multiplying new thing has spread nationwide (and now across the seas)  with the rapidity and strength of an ebola pandemic on steroids.

I’m talking about apologizing and the demand for it, or as they call it somewhere, ‘poligizin'.” The apology is now so overused it appears to be a meaningless act, as in, “Everybody’s all over me for shooting that guy in the head. What are they getting so riled up for? Heck, I already ‘pologized for it.”

More disconcerting are the myriad of demands for apologies  and occasional deliveries thereof from the left.  from the right, from the sports world, from military leaders, from small New England town zoning commissions, from riled up nuns, and now even from the Philippines. Did I mention Newt Gingrich?

What got me set off was a report that the people running Mother Jones magazine and its website are all over Bill O’Reilly, the impossibly biased broadcast gas bag, for lying about his so called combat correspondent experience in the Falklands War of 1982. Moreover, he seemed to recommend that somebody kill the reporter who broke the story.

Heck, all my strings vibrate in sympathy with Mother Jones. Except for one thing. Let’s cut out the demands for an apology crap. O’Reilly shouldn’t apologize. An apology does nothing except add more putrid gas to the already fetid air. Besides, the din of meaningless apologies and demands for apologies is so thick, you can’t tell them apart.

Instead, O’Reilly should have his ass fired off the air, and that’s what the editors of Mother Jones should be demanding. They should be demanding it of O’Reilly’s miserable employers. They should also be demanding it of the FCC.  That's also what the rest of us should be demanding, for acts O'Reilly committed ranging lying to soliciting murder when he suggested that the reporter whose reporting O’Reilly doesn’t like should be “in the kill zone, where he deserves to be.”

And no, I ain’t gonna ‘pologize for harping on the subject.

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