Friday, September 21, 2012

Less-than-full disclosure: the Romney dribble-down theory

[NOTE: This post was published about an hour before the Romney 2011 tax return was actually published. None of the facts referred to below were changed by the release.]

So now, presumably because Willard is getting sucked into the backdraft of the Obama campaign’s opinion poll gains, Willard is going to release more of his Federal tax return information,  

Anyway, that’s what I get from a blog piece by Michael D. Shear at the New York Times.

Well, not really releasing all that much tax information. Romney will only reveal all of his 2011 return this afternoon (Friday), an afternoon when attention to the news typically tends to dwindle for the weekend. 

Of course, by last year he already knew he was a presidential candidate, so he was no doubt keeping his nose – and his manipulations, and his dribbling faucet – relatively clean anyway.

But not to worry. Willard’s going to supply a letter from his accountant that will summarize his tax liabilities since 1990, says the Shear blog piece in the Times. Heaven forbid we get the information clean and pure and straight. No way, serf. A summary will do for you and me.

But don’t get too cocky about Romney’s information about his taxes dirbbling out a drop or two at a time. Although it may sound to you and me like yet another slow motion gaffe, he may not be driving a nail all that deeply into his own brain.

Robert Reich, on his own blog, offers “Four Reasons Why Romney Might Still Win,” and to tell you the truth, what Reich says scares me.

Take note, please: whoever loses this election will lose it partially on complacency. So if you’re pro-Obama like me, stay alert. The election's not in the bag yet. Alas.

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Patricia said...

I wish I could give the I.R.S. a summary of my taxes. Oh right, I am a 47% victim who doesn't pay taxes, because the business I work for cut my hours.Lol! Obama's gonna cream him in the debates. Can't wait!