Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bad News For Believers

According to AOL and the Internet, there is 
either no God, or no Heaven,
or none of either. I present the following evidence:
The line beginning with "<<<" describes 
the specific reason your e-mail could not be delivered.  
The next line contains a second error message which 
is a general translation for other e-mail servers.  
Please direct further questions regarding this 
message to the e-mail administrator or Postmaster 
\at that destination.  --AOL Postmaster      
 ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- 
(reason: 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected     -
---- Transcript of session follows ----- 
... while talking to >>>
 RCPT To:<> <<< 
550 #5.1.0 Address rejected 550 5.1.1 <>... User unknown 

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