Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey Mom, what’s for dinner? Oh yum! Oh boy! Oh goody-goody! Mealworms and mashed millipedes!

From the New York Times comes a story by John Tagliabue that you really, really gotta read.

Seems that over in Holland, some enterprising butcher is now offering bugs as an alternative to steaks. The idea is to convince Dutch citizens that bugs – from various kinds of worms to caterpillars “are healthier sources of protein, and are less taxing on the environment, than steaks and pork chops.”

Well, that’s true, of course. But the same thing can be said of eating your own uncle’s dead body – a Roast Rump of Unc, for example.

This is the kind of story that inspires my class warfare paranoia. Are the filthy rich really so greedy that rather than pay a nickel in taxes to grow the economy for the rest of us, they find it easier to convince us that food only a lizard would eat is better for us and the environment?

When I see broiled locusts and roast millipedes on the menu at Smith and Wollensky, I’ll believe it.

I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of a restaurant down in Oaxaca, Mexico a couple of years ago where one of the features on the menu was fried crickets.

On the other hand, to get back to one of my earlier points, maybe a fried Republican wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Feel free to contribute your own menu suggestions and recipes. Just try not to make it too vulgar or disgusting, or I’ll throw up over my computer keyboard and won’t be able to hit the post button.

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Anonymous said...

Newt on toast.