Monday, February 08, 2010

Help keep the buzz in Order great merchandise so they'll stay afloat.

Unlike my own cranky blog, which I get to when I get to it, is an ongoing, always-in-operation supersite of news and ideas of interest to progressives. It aggregates news. It provides bales of its analysis and commentary. It sometimes has a great sense of humor.

I turn to it every day, which is also why I link to it. Now I'm urging you to click that link, and get your eyeballs over to Buzzflash not only for what you'll learn, but also for the great books, CDs, DVDs and politically-oriented chotchkes you can buy there.

These guys are a full-time operation. They need your support. Buy some great stuff from them (the examples above are just a few of many) and keep a great chorus of progressive voices buzzing.

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