Friday, January 08, 2010

Shame on you, Rupert Murdoch! Your New York Post seems to be offering advice to terrorists. How many dead Americans is it worth to sell papers?

There’s a fine line between exposing a weakness in airline security and helping terrorists to exploit that same weakness.

The New York Post, one of the mass circulation junk newspapers in Rupert Murdoch’s harem of journalistic harlotry, seems to have slithered across that line, without giving a tinker’s damn for the lives of the millions of Americans who fly.

The article appeared in print on Thursday, January 2nd. You can see it here.

The article tells the exploits of Lorena Mongelli, a Post reporter who managed to get through a metal detector at JFK with a titanium necklace in her jeans pocket. A serious threat to airline security? Possibly. Or possibly not.

But unlike the web article, the full-page “exposé” in the print edition of the Post also contained a sidebar, listing three different weapons that an actual terrorist can use to get past security.

That’s it, above. Just take it to your friendly neighborhood weapons store and proceeed after that directly to the airport with your weapon. (I’ve retouched out the names and model numbers of those weapons to discourage terrorist wannabes.)

The article also provided a suggestion about a “homemade” weapon—useful help for terrorists who’ve shown that they’ll follow up on any recommendation, from shoe bombs to jockstrap bombs.

No doubt, the Post thinks this kind of stuff will help them sell extra papers. The evidence is pretty clear. Editor Col Allen was quoted as saying, "I'll get fired not because Rupert doesn't like the stories I put in the paper. I'll get fired because we don't sell newspapers."

Well, I have no doubt this how-to-smuggle-a-weapon-onto-a-plane story will help them sell extra papers to terrorists, and that it will rate reproduction in The Terrorist Cookbook.

Shame on you Lorena Mongelli, who shares a byline for this subversive horror of a story with Tom Namako. I’m guessing Tom’s a rewrite man. Since this was not breaking news that had to be phoned in on the quick, I have to assume Namako got assigned to the story too because Lorena can’t write her way out of a paper bag.

Shame also on you, Col Allen. And please, the fact that you may have yet another booze-induced hangover is no excuse.

And of course, shame on Rupert Murdoch.

Rupe and Col are foreigners and ought to be deported and banned forever from entering the country for giving material aid and comfort to the enemy.

Lorena and Tom just ought to have their faces slapped, and then get deported to Podunk, where they might be able to cover meetings of the local school board and sewer district without endangering the lives of their fellow citizens.

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Barry Schwartz said...

Feh, "security through obscurity" isn't going to help us that much. If we are worrying about this article, then we are further behind than I've realized.

Of course, there is an urge to use any excuse to attack Rupert Murdoch, but I resist the impulse.